The youth have been urged to be productive instead of investing their energies in activities that are regressive. This was during the requiem mass for fallen Afrobeats musician Moses Ssekibogo (Mowzey Radio) at Rubaga Cathedral in Kampala on Friday.

In a spirited homily, Rev. Fr Deogratius Kiibi Katerega, the curate at Rubaga Cathedral, said youths should steer clear of “financial mishaps” and set their focus on a course of self-development.

“Between the age of 30 and 40, you should be engaging in productive activities, such as settling down for family life,” he told a large congregration on a warm Friday mid-afternoon.

Kiibi delivered a rousing sermon punctuated with emphatic messages of life in general. He underlined what he considered the three most-important aspects of life: God, family and relationships.

“God is important in anyone’s life,” he told mourners, explaining that the late Radio, while still alive, had fulfilled all the conditions that necessitated his being prayed for in church.

The youthful prelate had a strong message for celebrities: “If you are a celebrity before the people, make sure you are also a celebrity before God.”

Inside a filled cathedral, which was equally packed outside, Kiibi said family and relationships are also significant in one’s existence. He said many people spend majority of their time in towns and turn their backs on their roots.

Kiibi added: “If you know you are a celebrity, know that you have followers. Take care of yourselves. Be responsible. You find a person, after taking as many as 10 bottles of alcohol, they are still as sober as before.”

Radio, who died early Thursday at Case Hospital in Kampala, was attacked 10 days earlier during an altercation at a bar in Entebbe town. In his boisterous message, Kiibi said he had wondered what if the revered musician had stayed home on the night of the attack. What would have happened?

“But then, we have no right to judge. Perhaps that was God’s plan,” he told mourners.

Nevertheless, he advised people to cherish their lives. “Take care of yourselves.”